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W 800


  • 80mm profile width
  • Perfect thermal, sound and water isolation thanks to 6 chambered system
  • Endurance for all weather conditions
  • Quick production and low inventory costs thanks to self supported profils (CRP) and TPV grey sealed profiles
  • Application of insulating glass (24-32-42 mm ) by grey sealed glazing beads in different thicknesses
  • Staged water drainage system
  • Joinery production in all required dimensions
  • Single opening, tilt and turn system and double sash opening applications
  • Application with blinds ( motorized, remotely controlled or manuel ) and without blinds
  • Wooden designed laminated applications
  • Certified quality by national and international evaluation institutions


Laminated Color


Dark Oak

Golden Oak

Light Oak

Red Lam.



Utilaje tamplarie PVC si AL

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